Friday, 6 January 2012

Manali Winter Vacation

Enjoy a short winter weekend in Manali and have a dream vacation in a popular resort. Watch the entire small town fully covered in snow and experience the life at a hill station during the winter season.

Manali is a picturesque small town and renowned for its beautiful and pristine environment. Manali is also a famous hill station of North India which saw a huge crowd during the summer time. Manali is generally crowded in summers by large number of north Indian families, looking for short weekend holidays from Delhi and surrounding regions. Manali also attracts large number of foreign tourists who pass Manali on the way to Leh and Ladakh. Manali has a legend which says that when the creator of universe launched a devastating storm on our planet, sage named Manu escaped with his followers to Manali and stay here until the waters recede. Manali looks beautiful with thick foliage of pine trees; meandering Beas River; temples and Tibetan monasteries, etc make Manali one of the best hill stations of India.

Manali looks even more amazing during the winters when this small quaint town is deeply covered with snows. Entire town is white with snow and temperature often drops to minus. Manali during the winter is a great option to enjoy your holidays. Well, lots of people may disagree but if you have a little sense of adventure and wants to try out things with a different perspective, then you will find a stay in Manali during the winters a very rewarding experience. Manali has quite a good number of resorts and hotels. Almost all the hotels are centrally heated or have individual heating units. Visiting Manali at this time of the year also means you don’t have to wrestle with tourist crowd to enjoy the popular attractions of Manali. During the winters you can also try various winter sports. You can enjoy the local attractions at your own pace or you can sit in warm and cosy restaurant sipping hot beverages and tryout various Tibetan and Indian snacks. Stay during the winters and get a glimpse of the harsh winter life and how the locals cope with it. Good all weather road from Delhi and modern hotels make your stay comfortable and safe. 

You will feel like you have entered in an enchanted land when you stay in Manali. This small quaint hill station looks magical with white snow covered land against a dark grey sky. Climate may be harsh but experience in even more amazing as you can sit beside a fire, sipping tea and enjoying the snowfall from your hotel. The tour also guarantees you complete peace of mind as you can relax and slow down your pace of life for a few days. The resorts and hotels all offer good packages and provide you facilities like sightseeing tours, adventure tours and relaxation facilities like spa and sauna. Staying in Manali is definitely one of the most amazing experiences of your life.   

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