Thursday, 8 September 2011

D.Paul's (leading Travel Operators) announces the best deal on Malaysia Package

D Paul's, one of the most reputed and trusted online travel company, has announced a lucrative package for passionate travelers where you can visit Malaysia at the price of Thailand!

This is all set to roll for Travel Valid from 15th Sept till 30th Oct. According to an announcement made the trip will be budgeted at a discounted price 15999 per person with a discount of 6000/ per person on travel products including package deals, cruises, flights, hotels, car rentals and much more! The offer will be available for purchase for a limited time of 15 days and will be rewarded on a First Come First Serve Basis.

Understanding and assessing the needs of people who can't travel abroad for their budget stipulation, this package has been launched. "We are extremely delighted to have taken this step of launching this discounted package." said the marketing head of the D Paul's. One of the main reason behind the less number of travel plans to this city is the high rate of tickets. D Paul's make traveling for people with limited budget within their reach. "With this package we have tried to solve the problem of people with family members as well as middle class families who have for long desired to see the exotic beauty of this Asian country but could not make it due to high air and accommodation fares. They can now avail this once in a life time offer and see this beautiful country at half their expenses." added the marketing head. "For travelers who are looking for an attractive traveling package to visit this incredible country since long, this is one of the best chances you will ever get" also assured the director of D Paul's.

With the announcement of this attractive offer, D Paul's have made it possible for individuals all around the world to enjoy the mesmerizing sights and delights of incredible Malaysia and be a part of its diverse culture, history and activities. Offer only for online bookings !! So book now !!


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