Monday, 12 December 2011

Experience the Charm of Goa

Goa is a beautiful state of India, rich in terms of picturesque landscape, abundant natural resources and perfect blend of Portuguese and Indian culture. Swaying palm trees, Pristine white sands and sparkling blue water are the three main component of this beautiful land. This southern Indian State, with its unspoilt beaches and a unique lifestyle makes it different from the rest of India. Goa is also nestled in the pristine Western Ghats and is bordered by the Arabian Sea which brings the additional charm to this state. The beautiful hills of Western Ghats are highly rich in terms of natural abundance of flora and fauna and are the perfect reverse of the bustling and sizzling beaches of Goa. Goa has beautiful rivulets and rivers, spectacular waterfalls, towering rock hills, thick foliage of green and wide variety of Flora and fauna species makes the state a heaven for nature lovers. Perfect natural conservation and sustainable development has ensured successful ecotourism and is creating a perfect balance between nature conservation and tourism very efficiently.

This small Indian state is blessed with a rich and unique culture which is the result of a cultural fusion of Portuguese and Southern Indian culture. Goa used to be a Portuguese colony for centuries and is rich in lots of colonial as well as regional cultural heritages. People of Goa are friendly lot and love to enjoy life with a simple motto of live, work and enjoy. This unique friendly atmosphere has resulted in a ‘joie de vivre’ lifestyle in Goa. Celebrating life is in itself is a celebration of Goa. Entire state is dotted with historical churches, famous temples and picturesque forts. Goa’s cuisine is renowned in India and distinctly carries a strong flavours and resemblance with Portuguese cuisine. Cashew Feni is the locally made brew consumed with gusto by the locals. Enjoy cruising in the Mandovi River or engulf yourself with trance music and late night beach parties, Goa will surely captivate you.

Visit the countryside and Western Ghat region of the state and arrive in a completely different place far from the beaches and parties to enjoy the soothing nature of Western Ghats. Enjoy bird watching, nature hiking, wildlife spotting or discover the small rivulets and waterfalls. Visit Goa and enjoy the atmosphere of exuberance, enjoy the hospitality of the friendly Goans, unwind yourself in the pristine and exotic beaches, enjoy the adrenaline rush of water sports, climb uphill in the Ghats, cross the rivulets and treat yourself by being close to the nature, have a river cruise watching sunset, enjoy the nightlife in Goa. Goa is a one stop destination, offering lifetime experience to tourist from different parts of the world.

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